Remote Guarding for Banks and ATMs

The movement by banks to increase automation across their branches based on customers’ increasing preference for self-service banking has opened the door to new security challenges and risks. As banks replace their teller lines with high-tech, full-service ATMs, criminals are taking advantage by installing skimmers and other electronic devices to steal customer information from credit, debit or ATM cards. Experts estimate that card skimming costs consumers more than $1 billion annually. In addition to the potential theft of sensitive personal information, the moment customers receive money from the ATM, they are also vulnerable to physical altercations at the machine.

Edgeworth has developed Remote Guarding solutions specifically tailored to tackle these ATM vulnerabilities to protect financial institutions and their customers. Remote Guarding leverages state of the art technology including sensors that can detect preexisting skimmers along with smart cameras with built-in artificial intelligence that learn what activity is normal for a specific location.

When an individual exhibiting unusual behavior such as loitering or attempting to install a skimmer is detected, or if multiple people enter a vestibule, it triggers an alert to our live security agents who monitor and respond to the malicious activity in real-time. When necessary, agents employ voice down live communication to alert the suspect that their activities are being monitored and law enforcement is on the way.

With a 99% accuracy rate and 93% deterrent rate, Edgeworth’s Remote Guarding is more accurate, more effective and more preventative than traditional security systems.

Learn how Edgeworth’s Remote Guarding solutions can protect your business.

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