Edgeworth Security’s full-service open source intelligence solution leverages state of the art open source intelligence techniques, practices and tools with our multilingual team’s cross-disciplined expertise in order to identify, collect and report on significant information of interest as well as provide a strategic situational awareness for our customers.


Introduction to Open Source Intelligence

Open source intelligence as a practice has existed for the better part of this century and has been used extensively by the federal government in its military, law enforcement and intelligence efforts. It can be defined as the identification, analysis and correlation of information utilizing data tools and analytical processes. Leveraging open source intelligence allows for the identification, tracking and prediction of threats, risks and potential opportunities, and enables more informed decision-making across a variety of global interests. It is a rapidly changing field due to the combination of analytical best practices with ever-developing artificial intelligence.

With the recent emergence of open source intelligence in the private and commercial industry, the biggest challenge for the civilian sector of business and security is that organizations lack the resources and experience to build an effective open source intelligence team, and thus can’t benefit from the significant role in assisting decision making that this data could have. This is where Edgeworth Security comes in as an industry leader in open source intelligence solutions: providing new world solutions to new world problems.

Ways Our Intelligence Services can Benefit You

Vetting and Background Investigations

Data investigation into the backgrounds of people and businesses to uncover any red flags so clients can make informed business decisions and proactively protect reputations

Situational Awareness

Our suite of ongoing data collection services compile data from billions of sources worldwide to gather information that our clients deem valuable.

Global Awareness Capabilities

Data collection and risk assessments tied to the physical locations where clients may be considering; new business opportunities, visiting or holding an event.

Additional Intelligence Services

1 Insider Threats

Insider threats are always a concern when it comes to business operations and facility management. An insider threat can occur in a variety of situations, and without proper policy and procedures in place to mitigate these risks, can cause significant damage. This damage can include physical harm to customers and employees, monetary loss through theft or unintentional exposure, brand or reputation damage, and much more. By persistently monitoring various online and dark web data sources, we can help significantly reduce the insider threat risk to our customers.

2 IP Risk, Theft and Leakage

Intellectual Property (IP) is a significant part of a business’s day to day operations and is often directly linked to its revenue stream. An incident involving the loss of a company’s IP can cause significant and often times irreparable damage. The loss of a company’s IP can take place for many reasons such as an employee (either intentional or unintentional), company data leakage, or a direct attack and compromise of the information. We help our customers to identify and mitigate any threat or risk of IP loss through our experienced process of risk identification both before and after an incident occurs.

3 Property Loss and Theft

The loss or theft of property that occurs at a company can result in significant monetary damage, not only to the company but to its customers as well. Prevention is always the key factor in dealing with the loss or theft of property, but being able to identifying the details of a loss or theft after the incident is a significant factor as well. By monitoring public market places for the sale, mention, or discussion around lost or stolen property, we can help with all aspects of this problem.

4 Employee Vetting and Risk Identification

A company’s employee force can represent all of the best things about a company’s brand, product, and public perception. That’s why it’s very important to understand as much as possible about your employees when it comes to hiring, HR issues, risks or threats, and other personnel concerns. By utilizing federal data bases, subscription reporting services and publicly available information across social media and other public interest sites, we help our customers to be more aware of any existing or potential threats or risks from personnel.

5 Pattern of Life Analysis

A pattern of life analysis is the method of information collection and surveillance that is utilized for documenting and understanding a subjects standard habits. Our pattern of life analysis encompasses several different types of data points including internet presence and social media involvement, physical patterns of travel or location, social network associations and participations, habits or repetitive actions, and more. This information can be very valuable in being able to monitor or predict a specific individuals “next move”.

6 Physical Threats and Risks

Physical threats and risks can occur for a variety of different reasons. These threats and risks can consist of unsafe facility structures or equipment, active threats or terrorism, improper policy or procedure, employee or customer risks, and much more. In today’s world of social media and making information available online, there is a good chance someone has posted or shared information which can help identify these threats or risks before they become a problem.

7 Acces Control and Breaching Attempts

Being able to secure a facility or area from unauthorized access is often times very challenging for a business and represents one of the largest security concerns in today’s world. Whether it’s counterfeit badges or passes, gaps in access control, or insider threats, we are helping our customers to identify any threats or risks to their access controls before they become an issue. In the event that an unauthorized access has already occurred, we help our customers to identify the key aspects of the breach in order to investigate the situation and prevent it in the future.

8 Stalking, Blackmail and Safety

Many of our high profile/high net worth customers face problems with being targeted by individuals or special interest groups. Our intelligence services help identify these threats and risks in advance as well as investigate incidents that are already in motion or have already taken place.

What Intelligence Can Protect You Against

Physical Threats & Risks

Physical Threats & Risks

Brand & Reputation Management

Brand & Reputation Management

Insider Threat Risks

Insider Threat Risks

Financial Risks & Loss

Financial Risks & Loss

Event & Venue Situational Awareness

Event & Venue Situational Awareness

Public Sentiment & Response

Public Sentiment & Response

Personally Identifiable Information Risks

Personally Identifiable Information Risks

Information Migration

Information Migration

Incident Awareness

Incident Awareness

Intelligence Cycle

  1. Planning and Direction

    We start by determining what needs to be learned and how best to collect that information, then creating a plan on how to achieve those goals in the most efficient way possible.

  2. Collection

    Next in the process is collecting information. Some intelligence projects only require one specific manner of collection, while others require several different avenues of collection.

  3. Processing

    This step is where our team of analysts convert the vast amount of information we collected into a form that is usable and easily understandable.

  4. Analysis and Production

    After the information has been processed, we need to analyze that raw information into intelligence that can be used. This step is also when we produce any Intelligence products required, such as reports that identify patterns and draw conclusions.

  5. Dissemination and Feedback

    The last step is to distribute this ready-to-use intelligence to our clients and take in whatever feedback they might have. This feedback is used to influence the next phase of planning and direction, whether as a continuation of the same intelligence project or a different one.

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Why Edgeworth?

Client Testimonials

Edgeworth Security has been an invaluable asset to me during the most frightening time of my life. I have been physically and virtually stalked by my ex-boyfriend for months and the Edgeworth team has created reports for me to show evidence that unidentified numbers texting me were linked to my ex, and identify online accounts associated with him. Because I hired Edgeworth, the police have been able to use this information to help me in my case that I may not have received help with otherwise. Chad Brockway specifically has been a fierce ally for me during this season. He is always available for my questions and has given excellent insight to me as I’ve had to work with law enforcement for the first time. Chad is not only readily available, he is a clear communicator who ensures you understand everything you may have questions about. As a woman who has lived in fear, Chad has also been more empathetic than many officers I have dealt with, and that has helped on an emotional level as well. I have hired Edgeworth twice now for reports and I highly recommend them!

Confidential Client

Edgeworth intelligence gives us incredible peace of mind in managing both our personal and business day-to-day operations. Their ability to identify important information in a timely manner has been invaluable to us.

Bret Michaels MEGI & Poison

In the age of ever growing technology, it is comforting to know we have a watchdog ensuring our continued safety and security through the digital world.

Clients of PCG In partnership of PCG, Hollywood PR Firm

Edgeworth intelligence has been the most valuable partner in ensuring the safety and security of our organization and people. As a high-profile organization, we frequently have varying needs with difficult timelines, and Edgeworth never ceases to deliver the best services. We are grateful for their unwavering dedication to our security, and we always feel safe in their hands.

Confidential Client Political Activist Group

Edgeworth Security has been an invaluable resource in helping us to address campus safety and security concerns in a manner that is sensitive to the privacy of all stakeholders. With expertise in both physical and cyber security, Edgeworth provides comprehensive solutions that are tailored and scaled to meet the client’s needs.​

Roberts Morris University Private University in Pennsylvania


What is Open Source Intelligence?

Open Source Intelligence is the system by which we collect, understand, and process data from publicly available sources. With this system, we are able to keep your organization running smoothly by gaining a comprehensive understanding of known and unknown threats on social networks, the dark web, and other platforms and channels.​

Do you offer crisis management services?

We do offer one-time crisis management services in the event of an immediate need. These crisis management services can be used in conjunction with our subscription services.​

In the event of an immediate need, how long does it take to start on a requirement?

We can begin as quickly as you can provide the necessary information. It takes us minutes to get started on new requirements (requirements meaning the intelligence needs of our clients). It’s never too late to bring our Intelligence services in to help mitigate adverse effects.​

When do you offer Intelligence services?

​We offer our Intelligence services before, during, and after a particular event or incident. Live, 24/7 coverage is available.

What is the billing structure like for intelligence services?

Billing is on an hourly basis, similar to law firm billing. For ongoing services clients commit to monthly retainers, based on an estimation of services needed.​

Our Intelligence Experts

Chad Brockway

Chad Brockway

President, Intelligence Operations Division

Chad Brockway leverages his background in intelligence, counterintelligence, counter-terrorism, federal law enforcement and cyber operations to develop Edgeworth’s state of the art cyber and information security solutions.

Chad was formerly Director of Account Management at Babel Street, senior program manager for The Wynyard Group, FBI Special Technologies & Applications Section’s Program Manager, DoD Deputy Watch Center Director, and Marine Corps Military Police Officer. He has been interviewed by Forbes, CNET and Fortune, and received the FBI Directors Award and the Presidential Service Badge.

Mike Hughes

Mike Hughes

Director of Intelligence

Prior to joining Edgeworth, Michael worked as a civilian intelligence analyst for U.S. Special Operations. Michael has worked closely with representatives of numerous U.S. government agencies and has garnered an abundance of experience seeking interagency solutions to some of the toughest national intelligence issues. During his time in the federal space, Michael served as a senior analyst for interagency, multinational task forces where he was responsible for developing “in theater” intelligence assessments for military commanders, U.S. government leaders and other operational elements.

Emily Watchek

Emily Watchek

Chief Intelligence Officer

Prior to her work at Edgeworth, Emily worked as an intelligence analyst at a private commercial company based in Washington, D.C. During her time there, she supported a variety of intelligence operations for the U.S. government, private sector businesses and foreign intelligence and law enforcement partnerships. Her education of a double major in international relations and rhetorical communications, combined with a minor in Arabic language, has made her an essential participant in several counterterrorism operations and the GWOT.​

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