Award-Winning Security Solution Protects Technicolor’s Intellectual Property

As one of the largest post-production studios in the world, Technicolor needed a comprehensive security solution that would not only protect their staff and physical properties but also protect very sensitive intellectual property including footage of movies not yet released.

Edgeworth’s team (previously VAS now Edgeworth Integration) designed a custom security systems integration tailored for Technicolor’s studios, film labs and distribution centers to limit and monitor access to protect their physical and intellectual property (e.g. pre-release footage and DVDs/Blu-Rays of movies still in theaters). As part of this security strategy, Edgeworth installed anti-intruder devices, along with hundreds of cameras and access control systems, including card readers, to improve overall security effectiveness and efficiency.

The ability to store and manage security footage for Technicolor’s more than 200 IP cameras was a critical challenge that Edgeworth solved using industry-changing technology – the only intelligent NVR (Network Video recorder) software at the time to provide automated VLM capability. This application of innovative technology resulted in massive storage savings for the client while exponentially improving protection against piracy.

Edgeworth’s security systems integration for Technicolor won the 2009 ASIS (American Society of Industrial Security) Security Innovations Awards in recognition of our use of innovative technology.

While much has changed in the security arena since 2009, Edgeworth’s commitment to innovative, cutting-edge security solutions continues. Our security solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client and utilize comprehensive, state-of-the-art technology from servers and software to cameras and access control systems with built-in artificial intelligence and military grade analytics. We’ve also created an in-house technology lab to stay ahead of emerging technology and trends so we can proactively protect our clients’ assets, property, and people.