Los Angeles Trade Tech College Security System Integration

Edgeworth was brought on to create a more effective security system that leveraged existing infrastructure along with new technology and equipment to enhance campus security while strictly adhering to all prescribed requirements and timeline.


Designed and installed a security system solution featuring video surveillance cameras, access control and intrusion systems, and emergency stanchions along with two command and control centers to improve the effectiveness of campus security.

Project Overview:

• 25-acre campus with over a dozen buildings and parking garages

• Installed video surveillance cameras and access control systems

• Installed intrusion system including emergency call stations

• Integrated two command and control centers with the on-campus sheriff’s station

• Successfully navigated all requirements and third-party inspections to complete the project on-time with perfect reports and no liquidated damages


VAS Security, now Edgeworth Integration, designed and implemented a custom security system integration to provide the Los Angeles Trade Technical College with more effective protection for their property, students and staff.

Prior to Edgeworth’s security installation and integration, each night doors were supposed to be locked but often were left unlocked, and these areas that were left open became subject to vandalism and theft. Edgeworth installed access control systems and implemented schedules for the doors so they locked automatically at night. This eliminated the issues caused by opportunistic individuals wandering into the buildings after hours.

The LATTC bookstore was also a frequent target for theft and was losing a significant amount of money each semester. Edgeworth installed thirty video surveillance cameras throughout the store, which led to a significant decline in book theft.

As part of the project, Edgeworth also installed emergency call stations across campus and linked them to nearby video surveillance cameras. When emergency calls were made, campus police could pivot the cameras to focus on the activity at the call station in real-time and deploy voice down communication as needed to deter criminal activity.

Edgeworth also designed two command and control centers that integrated all of the information coming from the cameras, access control, intrusion, and emergency systems into the on-campus sheriff’s station so they could monitor the system.

In addition to the technical scope of work, there were also a number of requirements regarding workforce, milestones, and third-party inspections associated with the project. Edgeworth worked diligently to meet and surpass those guidelines and was commended for the quality of work and the professional manner in which we navigated those requirements by the construction management company overseeing the project.